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First experience on Unity for ENJAM 2020

In this game you'll be Lampion, a young boy and you need to complete tasks in order to pay your bill, but you can also just be mean and do whatever you want (unfortunately this game only is a "prototype" so there's only 3 quests :v)

The Team :

  • Azâghal - Rémi Chambonnière - IEM P6
  • ScRalP - Quentin Robard - IEM P6
  • Guz - Ulysse Havé - IEM P6
  • Mr. Leonail - Léo Quillot - IEM P6
  • Mogador - Julien Caillaud - IEM P6
  • DyAzZyBoy - Quentin Moskwa - Conservatoire de Lille


Unbalanced.zip 25 MB

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